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Helpful People Are A Blessing!

Helpful People selflessly provide support to others and show up at just the right time. They can be friends, neighbors, volunteers, teachers, mentors and professionals. Helpful People can also show up as unseen heavenly or angelic help that arrives at unexpected times and in unexpected ways. If you are in business, your helpful people are your customers and clients.
From a feng shui perspective, the front right corner of your space is known as the Helpful People and Travel gua (when you overlay a grid of nine blocks, like a tic-tac-toe board over your home or any room in your home, your land, your office, work place or wherever you are). If you travel a lot or you’d like to travel more, enhance this area of your space.
This area represents a gateway for philanthropy and random acts of kindness. Each of us is genuinely a helpful person when we give to others and expect nothing in return. When we assist others, help also returns to us in unseen and unexpected ways.
This is the most yang area of the bagua. It is associated with males, the father and heaven. If the males need more support, enhance this gua. Also enhance this area if you would like to be more helpful to others or you would like to receive help from others in any area of your life. This gua is also associated with the head and brain. If you suffer from migraine headaches or any head or brain related problems, address this sector of your space.
From a feng shui perspective, the Helpful People and Travel gua is energized by the Metal element. Metal energy is clear, focused and organized. When it is out of balance (too much or too little) it can show up as anxiety and anguish, a lack of focus or purpose, sloppy work or behavior, being overly sharp, critical or judgmental and even being obsessive, sarcastic or aloof. Creating balance in this area can bring focus to your life. Earth energy strengthens the area if Metal is weak and Water energy dulls the sharp edges of overly strong Metal.
As in all areas of your home, remove all clutter and fix everything that requires repair or maintenance. Also work with this gua if you would like to:
·         have more close friends or attract support from others
·         be more selfless, supportive, generous and compassionate
·         be more philanthropic
·         visit particular places, travel internationally or on business
·         receive more heavenly or spiritual support
·         experience more synchronicity
·         complete unfinished business with your father or authority figures
·         develop leadership in yourself or others
·         have more responsibility
·         eliminate migraine headaches
·         omit problems with your head, brain, skull, lungs or breathing
·         clear swelling, broken bones, skin, heart or elimination disorders
The feng shui color for the Helpful People area is gray. You can also use white, yellow and light colors or any pastel shade and a little black. If your room is another color, enhance it with these colors. This sector benefits from the placement of crystals, gemstones and pictures or symbols of heavenly objects, spiritual guides and helpers. It is a wonderful place to hang a picture of any male who represents a helpful person or someone who can use more help in their life. Energize this area by including circular shapes or round objects and items made from any metal, such as a six-rod metal wind chime.
Enhance the Helpful People of your space and you watch for results in your life.
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